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Tasty Tapas


Small plates, Big flavors!

Want to hang out with friends or family but don't feel like having a full

3-course meal, than this is the way to do it. Small plates with a WOW factor!

Tapas are usually eaten in bars as a small snack while hanging out with friends or family. A great casual way to socialize. In Spain's Basque country, they are usually regarded as a cornerstone of local culture. 

Pintxos are related to tapas, however, the main difference being that pintxos are usually 'spiked' with a skewer to a piece of bread. 

They are served in individual portions and always ordered and paid for independently from the wine. 

Like many of the best pintxos and tapas; simplicity is the key. 

Come join us for a casual evening of tasty tapas, pinxtos, wine and our homemade sangria. 

Want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other social gathering, our dining room is available for private parties. 

For more details, please call or contact us at: 


Advanced reservations required. 

Our dining room can accommodate a limited number of people only.

Are you planning a Happy Hour or get together at home? 

Our tapas & pintxos menu are available to order by email: info@laservietteblanche.com 

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.